Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Journalist forced to throw change up

Growing up my parents seldom told me I was cute. It's not that I wasn't but more so they wanted me to realize how smart I was and could be if I focused more on my brain and not what surrounded it. So inevitably in high school I became one of the smart kids ... oh and the jocks and the journalists and the students leaders. I guess you could say I got around, but in a good way. Yet even as my cute plate continued to become more full, I remained at the top of the pack ... that is until now on this chilly Tuesday evening as I sit with a laptop on my lap and a not so happy look on my face. Why am I so frustrated?

Well I just came home from softball practice and frankly it was awful. I love softball I really do but I just wish everyone had the same attitude and drive to win I do. As the captain and only four year player, I have realistic expectations. I don't expect the Stagg softball team to earn any league titles or dominate against teams like St. Mary's or West but I do expect us to at least be competitive. I would much rather get spanked and have the other team say "Well Stagg  always tries" than have them walking away knowing they would have had a more difficult practice. I'm not trying to take anything away from my teammates. They're a great group of girls who I love but I just think we need to stop letting the name of our school dictate how we play and what we expect for ourselves.

So for now, as selfish as it sounds, I am going to focus on personal victories. As a team we may get killed but I'm going to make sure I get hits and make plays so at least I can say I was at the top of my own game. And if that doesn't help keep my head up, I can just smile knowing that not very many of the girls I play against could beat me in a page design contest or on an in class essay. That I'm sure of that.


  1. It must be true. If you can't support the team, you can support yourself. I just haven't figured and experienced the mind of the hopeless because I'm almost always energetic when doing something as a competition. If you suck, might as well try your best and never give up so you can get better. There's just no gain in a complete fail.

    Someone should ask somebody why they're so hopeless.

  2. some hopelessness comes from a lack of interest. I heard a student say "well were gonna lose anyway, so we might as well not try." Oh how much of an idiot I thought that person was.

    "Failure in not an option, victory is not always, but effort should always be there with you"

  3. Oh my god. You basically are alienating yourself from your peers and committing social suicide. Trust me, you don't want to be doing this in high school. The only consolation is that your intended targets are illiterate, but honestly this is not something that will get you anything in life. All you need is a high GPA to get into college and say how you and your peers are so impoverished--but you don't need to tell them that. Please do yourself a favor: get friends, drink a little, and set a few pools on fire. You'll thank me later.