Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Root canal: The best words I could ever hear!

I just got back from getting a root canal. All day I feared what many had said about it. "That's a killer! You know they're digging inside your root while you're awake?" Not to mention their dramatic expressions like I was entering brain surgery. It was this shrieking look. I thought I had massive booger or something.

Sitting in the car on the way to the death chair, my heart pounded enormously just thinking about the tools. I imagined sharp knives and drills all over the place. When I entered the office I felt like I was experiencing my last moments. Weird thing was, it happened to be in the lumpy, awkward patience chair watching "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?" Not the ideal circumstance, but possible.

"Alyssa More," the dentist's assistant calls, and as usual I answer. I immediately sat down and got a cotton swab thrown in my mouth. Waiting as the stinging swab began to make it's course, my hands got numb and my throat felt dry. However, I have to say, waiting there did make me feel a little better. It was a stall from all the excruciating pain that was to come.

Just as I felt comfortable and guessed all the wrong answers during the T.V. show, the dentist came in. I tried to relax as much as possible by slouching in the throne of terror. It was as if I was some slick delinquent just waiting for my punishment. He greeted with a "Hello there," and asked what would I like to eat today. "We have root canal," he said and ended with a geeky laugh. I forced a chuckle and began to think happy thoughts.

"Okay you're going to feel a sharp pain as I enter this needle. After that you're lower left side will be completely numb." All I noticed was the assistant glancing at the television. I cringed and took a deep breath. A couple of seconds later my lip felt huge! I laughed when I looked at myself through the mirror on my left. He then threw in a jolly laugh as to counter mine. For all knew he could have been the big man himself.

Before I knew it, he began and I started shaking uncontrollably while watching the next showing of dramatic soap operas. It was some "All My Children Who Are Brave and Restless" junk. I then took a peek at their expressions and noticed they made that shreiking look. However, it wasn't like they seen a booger but rather a morphing alien.

Just then, out of nowhere, the girl on the television started sobbing. I thought she was shot so I laughed. "Jimmy would rather go through a root canal than to sit through this!"

"Oh my!" I thought. Odd coincidence? I then thought, "Wait a minute, this isn't that bad!" I became so relaxed I didn't realize what was going on.

"The numbing must've really worked or you would have bit me by now!" He said as he drilled away. The only displeasure was that I was not allowed to close my mouth at all. "Oh how I now wish to shut up!" I cried inside.

Then, in about 20 minutes I was cleared. He gave me my prescription, said he'll see me in a week, and I headed out with an awkward, numbed smile. The scared-y cats who gave me the unpleasant horror stories now seem quite silly. What was the whole fuss about? My only answer to that is that they're just grouchy bunches who had too many cookies. Maybe they should visit the dentist soon with their awful habits.

It still is the last thing anyone would want to get and I don't recommend it. I really now believe dentists are there to ease your pain, not make it worse. However, their masks! You'd think they're getting away with something.

It was cool and unfortunately I may be hooked on those dramatic goons on television. In the end, I thought it was great. I'd do it again anytime as long as the shooting water reflects off a tooth and onto their faces! But seriously (If I haven't been), I'm hoping I don't ever go through this experience again.


  1. Only you Alisya... why do you need a root canal anyway? Because your personality is so sweet? Your the kind of girl grandmas want to pinch their cheeks... and only you would laugh during a root canal... see you in Dei Rossi's blog... if you dare

  2. Unfortunately yes..but is that so bad?

  3. No thats freaking awesome
    hook me up with some of grandma cookies
    their special cookies