Wednesday, March 4, 2009

MySpace Addicts, this one's for you!

Status Report: Day 10 of MySpace Fasting

..... I never knew it was so hard to give up MySpace. Sure I knew that I would be losing a part of my social life by going without the interactive web Site, but it's for my own personal growth this Lent. 
..... Besides, I reasoned that I wasn't that addicted to customizing my profile or updating my mood every second so it would be a piece of cake right? Wrong! This past weekend I fought the urge to check my MySpace. I longed to see whether I had any messages, comments, or any new truths in my Truth Box. Oh, to peer into the screen and see what people thought of me is what Emily Dickinson would put as "divinest Sense." 
..... But alas, I'm way too religious to go against my little MySpace fast, even though it's not so little after all. Personal growth is something we all need. While some choose to read self-help books or watch a TV therapist talk about what's wrong in society, I found my own path: Lent
..... But why am I suffering from MySpace withdrawals? Is it because I thrive on the thrill of photo comments? Or maybe it's the joy of friend requests, or better yet, answering those page long surveys on that sacred bulletin board. Whatever the case, I, Jeremy Dela Cruz, am addicted to MySpace. 
..... It's nothing to be ashamed of. In reality, it's accepted of our generation to have an affinity for technology. After all, this new era of YouTube and Wikipedia have ushered in the age of Web 2.0, a concept describing how individuals are starting to interact with web Sites instead of just getting information from them. The Internet has become more of our own personal sketchpad instead of a simple portrait on which to gaze upon. Therefore, everyone has a responsibility to be addicted to technology, only in the sense that one should start sharing ideas via the Internet by uploading videos and writing blogs like this. Of course getting drunk off of texting or craving your IPOD every second is a sign of an excessive obsession. Like everything in life, moderation is the key. Too much of a good thing is bad for you. Even if that good thing is MySpace...sigh...

- Jeremy Dela Cruz, MySpace Addict

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