Saturday, March 28, 2009

Save some Power, It's Earth Hour!

If you haven't heard, today is Earth Hour where many people are expected to turn off their lights and other electronics from 8:30pm to 9:30pm local time. Today is the third annual worldwide event. It is a time when we as people can appreciate our planet Earth and at the same time show how easy it is to conserve. Millions of homes and businesses and hundreds of major landmarks will go dark for one hour to show that energy conservation is important and to send this message to political leaders attending the United Nations Climate Change Conference in December 2009.

It is said that lighting accounts for about 11 percent of a typical American homes energy bills, while computers and electronics add another 9 percent. So by shutting off these things when were not using them, we can lower our load significantly.

Major places around the world are supporting such as Las Vegas whose bright lights will shut off for a complete hour! Literally everywhere around the globe from New York City to Paris, France will conserve energy as we support our Earth on this pleasant day.

Remember, there are also many other ways we can keep our Earth healthy and spare some bills by checking out
The Daily Green today! Just remember to have a wonderful night!


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