Tuesday, May 12, 2009

American Idol: Adam and U2, a Dream Come True

I couldn't be any more ecstatic. For anyone who knows my name, I am I deep U2 fanatic. On American Idol, Adam Lambert is my favorite singer. Tonight, a dream has been granted and I can only say, thank you Simon Cowell. The two have combined.

Adam Lambert sang "One" by U2, a song that always gives me chills and it was phenomenal. The beginning created a dynamic chill that I wanted to faint. I must admit, the middle was a bit 80's hair band, but that's what Adam does so it's not a concern.

I couldn't believe that Simon was able to get permission from U2, the band I idolize. No one has ever sang U2 on American Idol because they are a band that you must get permission from them personally. I was extremely happy and in a geeky way I always fantasised U2 just randomly singing on the stage. To have a contestant, one whom I just wish will win it after Allison Iraheta was knocked off, was something unexpected. Grrrr, she was awesome though.

I'm blogging about this because this happens once in a lifetime for people like me, and with my geeky reference to a band students rarely know, I am sure proud of it :D.

Look back and I'll add a video of his performance tomorrow...youtube baby.

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  1. If it happened today, then I must of missed it. I'm not much of a fan of TV anymore but I sure do enjoy good music.
    On the stage, you can see what they sing for. The songs they choose can tell a lot about them.