Saturday, May 2, 2009


All across America, bodybuilders mourn the loss of a fallen friend. A recall has been made of the weight loss pill, & drink mix packets, Hydroxycut.

Used by everyday people alike, the FDA has pulled it from the shelfs. It's one of the most popular diet pill out there with sales of over one million bottles. It's such a shame to see it go. Boo-hoo.

Today on the local news, I saw a story on how Hydroxycut killed a person, and gave severe liver damage to another that required a transplant. In this society, anyone and everyone is looking for a quick way to lose that belly fat and jello-butt. And the Hydroxycut commercials are very convincing! A Physician in a white lab coat & tie, those sexy woman in skimpy bikinis, and the before and after photos. And we've all seen Charlene, who lost 55 pounds on Hydroxycut, AMAZING!

Like any other diet pill (except Alli) it's not evaluated by the Food and Drug Adminstraion (FDA). Which brings me to this question, why do people risk their health to lose weight? Whatever happened to the old fashioned methods of eating right and walking your dog Sparky? If people are motivated enough and don't depend on unsafe drugs, I assure you, many people would not just have a rock hard abdomen, but smiling livers.

As any health official would advise, I suggest you cut the hydroxy and take a jog! :)


  1. hey thats pretty true i have actually used it and to tell the truth it doesnt even work so im with you on this...

  2. I haven't used hudroxycut, but I sure am jogging. I just love to jog now. Can you imagine jogging as fun? When I run, I test myself and try to go faster and faster for longer periods of time. I'm pretty crazy about because I always end up with my body hurting the next day.

  3. you really convinced me not to buy it..


  4. Well, aching bones is a lot better than death, right?
    Pain's not a problem when you enjoy something.

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