Friday, May 29, 2009

RandoMORA: First day of summer break

I woke up in a dreadful atmosphere where the TV in my bedroom sang Dragon Tales. I got up hoping there was some sort of fancy breakfast, but unfortunately I see my other siblings in the cupboard as if they were rats searching for something to eat. So far, today was mopey and I could not understand as to why the first official end of school is letting me hang out to dry when there's no breeze.

As the day continued, I ate toast with my little brother. Again he made a huge mess of jelly on his face. The only action that was shocking was me clumsily spilling my cup of milk all over the table. We rushed to clean it all up before our dad returned into the room from the garage. We scrambled searching for more paper towels while I subsituted with table cloths. I repeatedly told my brother "If dad asks why the table and floor are sticky, tell him you have no idea okay?!" My brother purposely said, "No, YOU did it Alisya."

Lunch rolled by and I caught myself on Myspace commenting pictures and friends. I told myself I was banned from any socializing unless it had to do with summer fun dates. I got off relunctanlty and watched TV in my room. Nothing was on. I thought, "Am I going to do this for my entire summer?" I already felt drained over laziness.

Just then, I grabbed out my DanceDanceRevolution mat for some embarassing fun. Once again, it was like a bus just crashed into my room, and I was forced to do my chores. I cleaned up and unsurprisingly I was back in my bed flicking the channels.

I couldn't understand as to how yesterday was extremelty joyess, but today didn't come close to any comparison. It was like it was the day before school started. Even then, I would do something out of the ordinary.

Now, as I type about this glorious day, I think about how fun tomorrow will be. I will be going to Victory park playing with a cheap frisbee I bought at the Dollar Tree (hopefully). I will eat a scrumptious breakfast and have a home-made dinner instead of a bean burrito from Taco Bell. It will be a day to remember, however, I don't think it can exceed today's oddness at all.

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  1. Yesterday was fun... yeah today sucked, but at least I got some flip flops out of it. The first day of vacation is so anti-climactic.