Friday, May 8, 2009

Beauty is pain...or is pain beauty

As my sister's tears run down her face, cries of agony come with a shaky voice. The protruding brackets have disturbed the level of equilibrium in her life. Only two days after getting her braces, her excitement fades away with her cry of "I want them off, they hurt!"

Just like her, I got my braces at a young age, and actually just got them off back in January. I hated the feeling of pain that would go through all of my jaw. Yet when the waited day of getting them off came along, I remember smiling the whole day. The whole time I had them on, I thought, "It will all be worth it, even having to give up some of my favorite foods." But I as I see my little sister cry and in pain I feel sorry that she must go through this to get a near perfect smile.

This is when I start to think about what is the definition of beauty. Is it having a perfect outer image, or is that just a standard that we have all grown to accept? As a female, I have adopted so many habits that are supposed to make you prettier, and any girl can agree with me.

But I feel that as people, we have only contradicted ourselves. So many times a person says that beauty is defined by what is inside, but they are the first person to apply that first load of makeup, or put on the newest and most expensive shirt they have.

As for me, I must say that beauty to me is a mixture of both, as a big fan of "What not to wear," they always say that confidence is built when you know you look good. I'm not saying that beauty is defined by what we look like, it's just good that as a person we have the extra boost of confidence.

So I ask you my fellow blog members and readers, what is beauty to you?


  1. I like this blog. Beauty is to me something I believe I will never attain. But that is a regular emotion, or at least I hope. I love wearing makeup and shopping and doing the typical girl thing. I never thought I would be that girl. I think as we get older, and none the wiser, we pick up these ideals that we must struggle for our self image. That I must agonize over the scale or whether my hair looks good. You choose to wear braces.I decided to wear make up and bleach my hair. I wish that as a gender, as a collective, that we could accept who we truly are, not the outside. But sometimes, don't you think, the outside reflects who we want to be?

  2. I do not see beauty in myself, but in others. I don't really care if I'm beautiful most of the time. I like looking "nice" with good posture and a very gentlemanly character.
    When I think of beauty, I usually think of females. I don't see beauty in what others call beauty because I'm a weird guy and the only beauty I see is whatever beauty I see.
    It's hard to explain something you can't truly explain but I can imagine a person with beauty.
    Maybe, long hair, slender body, all natural, and to finish off, a smile.
    To comment on Erica, I don't think the outside represents who we want to be. It represents who we WANT to be at that moment and possibly who we ARE at that moment.
    If beauty is inside, then DAMN I'm BEAUTIFUL!

    -Pongze Lor, the most beautiful man in the world, according to someone's beliefs.