Friday, May 22, 2009

ReaLiz: The Bike

My dad has always been physically fit, so it didn't surprise me when he asked me and my little sister if we would want to ride our bikes to Linden. At first, I thought he was crazy, it would be about 20 miles we would be peddling.Then again I remembered that he rode his bike to Sacramento in a race, so this would be a small feat for him. So as Saturday rolled along, I started to feel sluggish. I started to think that sleeping in would be a better idea. But decided that I couldn't let my dad beat me in this one.

So we put on our helmets (safety first) and started our bike ride. At first I thought that this would be fast and easy. Quickly I realized that this wouldn't be the case at all. The first 5 miles were easy-breezy, but everything after that was a burden. I could feel my arms burning from the extra radiant sun, I could feel the muscles in my legs tighten with every movement imaginable, but most importantly I could feel my butt in pain after sitting on a moving seat for about an hour.

Unlike my dad, I had to continually stop to rest my over-heated body, or stop to drink water, or simply stop to catch my breath. I have ran in the past, but it wouldn't compare to this. Every minor hill I would peddle up to felt like a never-ending mountain. So I definitely give props to my dad for proving that he is more physically fit than his 16-year-old, 108-pound daughter.

But while on my vintage 1950's bike, I realized that I was experiencing something that I had never experienced up to this day. I was able to feel the natural breeze against my face; rather than the air conditioner's cold air. I was able to smell the natural scent of cherries still on the tree; rather than the chemically infused perfume of a car freshener. I was able to hear the natural sounds of chirping birds; rather than the commercial music of a latest artist on my Ipod. I was able to fill my vision of a never ending road and growing trees, rather than the blank walls of a confined room. No would have thought that just my rusty old bike could bring so much to me.

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  1. I prefer chemical cherries over real cherries.haha.

    *I'm glad you promoted satfy!