Friday, May 1, 2009

End of season brings discouragement

It didn't seem too long ago that I was conditioning for badminton. Now, it's the end of the season and the end of practice for junior varsity. How time flies! It's funny how I never considered joining a sport at all in the first place, because I always knew I wasn't very athletic. Any sport, you name it; I was a complete clutz. I hated sports, but I decided to try badminton.

And well, I'm glad I did, because I absolutely love the sport now. Ever since I made the team, one of the things I looked forward to at the end of a long, hard day was badminton practice. Excluding the fact that I'm probably the worst player on the team, I really enjoy going practice. I don't know what it was that drew me towards this sport so much, but I tried to never miss a single day unless it was for journalism or some sort of doctor's appointment.

The blisters on my feet, the non-stop running around the school and the extremely hard warm-ups at conditioning were brutal. I almost gave up during the first week, because conditioning made me so sore that it was painful to walk. But now, I realize that it was worth it despite the hardships I went through and the games that I've lost.

So, I may not be the best badminton player in the world, but I love the sport so much that I'm more than willing to improve myself. The friends I've made and the games I've played have been a great experience for me, and it's just so disapointing that practice for JV ended today.

I guess there's nothing left to do except to wait for summer to start. Then, I can play again. :)


  1. T_T so saddd.. but there's... SUMMMMERRRRR TRAINING OMG!! It's going to be excellent ^^ cause we have our own way to practice

  2. :) I miss playing badminton at Stagg.
    -2004 alum

  3. I wish I could play. Would they let me?
    -Pongze Lor