Friday, May 29, 2009

Thumbs-Up! Michy: I'm going to have a '21st Century Breakdown'

First off, I would like to commend these tire-less thirty some year olds for bringing out yet another great album. To anyone that disliked "their newer stuff" before they "sold out," let me tell you, "21st Century Breakdown" will not disappoint, no matter how much you seem to hate them with a passion of a thousand suns. But maybe it will, because some people are just so anti Green Day, it's ridiculous. Anyways, it definitely feels good to listen to Billie Joe's voice again with a brand new style and beat that doesn't differ completely, but mostly from their previous work.

The album opens up with their intro "Song of the Century" with spoken words that seem to be mixed in with some distinctive static in the background. Listening to it makes me feel relaxed and I only wish it could be longer.

Then bam, their second track "21st Century Breakdown" really hits you in the face. This song focuses on the downfall of society right now such as the economy. Billie Joe describes our generation as the ones who have to deal with the problems that our ancestors left us when he sings, "we are the class of 13 / Born in the era of humility / We are the desperate in the decline / Raised by the Bastards of 1969." And since our generation is having to stress about the many problems of the world, we are left with, well, a "breakdown."

I will not speak of every track, but yes, I will bring up Green Day's hit single, "Know Your Enemy." This song reminds me of "American Idiot" with the infectious drum beat and fast-paced guitar riffs. And yet, I still manage to somehow love this song no matter how overplayed and repetitive it seems when Billie Joe sings, "DO YOU KNOW YOUR ENEMY?"

"East Jesus Nowhere" really lures the reader into the song with the pounding guitar riffs in the intro. The rhythm of this song is amazingly contagious and keeps you listening throughout the whole song. This track is definitely one of my favorites, along with "Peacemaker."

"Peacemaker" is one of the songs that Green Day has really portrayed their new style in. I sense some Mexican vibes from this with the distinct maracas, constant strumming of the guitar and the fact that he rolls his R's at the end of this song. The best part of this track is when Billie Joe says "Well call the Peacemaker! Hey hey! Hey hey hey hey hey!" I seem to love that part because like everything else, it IS infectious.

Even though most of the tracks on "21st Century Breakdown" are upbeat and head-shaking, they also reveal their softer, less hectic side. "21 Guns" is definitely the most captivating song on the album, and it isn't just because I'm a sucker for acoustic songs. Billie Joe sings about war, and how it needs to stop because it isn't worth it. It really strikes you from the beginning, when you hear "Do you know what's worth fighting for? / When it's not worth dying for? / Does it take your breath away? / And you feel yourself suffocating? / Does the pain weigh out the pride? / And you look for a place to hide? / Did someone break your heart inside?" The beat of the song in the chorus even sounds a bit like marching, and it's brilliant how they created this song with a light and acoustic tone for a serious topic.

Yes, there's no song about how Bush is an American Idiot here, but instead, Green Day tackles topics such as the problems of the world and portrays them in a way that can make listeners feel what they're feeling. This album is definitely their best yet, and I admire how they can still create music that boggles people's minds. Although their sound has changed throughout the years, it is definitely for the better, and "21st Century Breakdown" won't dissapoint.

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  1. awesome! we're breaking down!!!!

  2. mmmmmm, michy. I was a fan, of everything before American Idiot. But you make this one sound oh so cool. BUT IT WILL NEVER BE 'DOOKIE' OR 'NIMROD'!!!!!