Thursday, May 21, 2009

RandoMORA: American Idol shocks but pleases

I apologize for my late blog on the finale last night, I must say I had to go to bed for a busy tomorrow. Now that it has ended, I say in a sadden tone, I cannot stop myself from writing about American Idol. Last night had thrills and when I say thrills I mean heart attack, roller coaster, getting paid from your first job THRILLS. Even those examples are too weak to describe last night.

First off, let me comment on the guests: Lional Richie, Steve Martin, Kiss, Keith Urban, Jason Mraz, Queen, Queen Latifah, Fergie and The Black Eyed Peas, and Rod Stewart as well as new judge Kara DioGuardi all performed! They were jaw-dropping. Excuse if I left a name out, there were so many! Especially Kara's performance.

I always thought she would try to stand up and sing because of her interaction with little miss bikini, but not like that! After Ryan had cheesily gave the award to bikini girl, she sang, and right behind her appeared Kara, and quite amazing indeed. At the end of her performance she opened her dress to show her "hot bod" afront of America. It was so quick and a great comeback. I know she still hates bikini girl. Gosh, what was her name?

My only problem was, these award thingies seemed a little rehearsed, however the crazy Tatiana Del Toro , was quite real and crazy itself. Tatiana got her award, and once again fought her way into singing. She could have been capable of winning, but LORDY, she was the child in the supermarket where the parents give themselves a whooping instead of the kid.

Enough with performances, although they were a huge highlight. Especially the returning losers that continue to tingle in my brains. They were all allowed to sing with the guests, but a few actually did well. It was a nightmare to see those who horribly sung on my television screen. AHHH go away now! My mosted hated contestant is Megan Corkery. She cannot, and will not ever sing a successful note. Also, did you catch her dancing?! What was she doing? She was trying to crunk and jump, and twist in all sorts of ways it was too funny I was unable to laugh! The finale proved once more why most contestants didn't belong.

I want to talk about Adam and Kris. Their performances touched the audience in their special way. Adam performed like a performer! He was loud and unique it blew my mind. The largest event that really surprised me was when Kiss broke out behind Adam and they sung wonderful, legendary songs, TOGETHER. The exploding lights, electric guitars, awesome outfits, it just whirl winded me away I might add that performance to my myspace. My heart exploded and I became hypnotized as I repeatedly kept saying "Oh my God, Oh my God, Oh my freaken GOD!" I wanted to shut myself up! Adam is now officially the new idol to my idol list.

Not the American Idol of course. Kris's performance was magical. He sang with Jason Mraz which made me feel jello like. It's that feeling you get when you jump into the pool after sitting in the hot tub for hours. It may be cold, but once you're in there your legs and arms get all floppy, making you the next generation of Gumby. It too also exploded my heart. I felt like I was at an indie concert and sweeping my head rhythmically to the music, deep in another world. Beautiful. His performance wasn't as elaborate or death defying, it was imaginatively sweet and caring.

Kris's win was a shocking one, and that must suck to hear from others saying, "Really, he one?" Well, yes he in fact did. I had a feeling he would subconsciously. It was my psychic ability bugging me in my dreams again. I'm satisfied with the result, for if Adam won, it would have been a mess. He would have haters and forever be known as "the screamer." Well, he will be known as that. However, I feel he'll be better off somewhere else, working with other record companies. I hope he doesn't fade off into the distant like past contestants. All I know is, I'm downloading their versions of the winning song. I can't remember the name, mostly because it's a bit cheesy, but I'll look it up.

This season was unbelievably strange, horrendous, extreme, and fantastic rolled into a ball of yarn (blue and green of course). The best I've seen of any of the season finales. My only question is, how come no "American Idol Gives Back?" I hope this recession isn't killing the most watch television show in the world! Just kidding, the U.S. can be a bit selfish to whom they release their goodies to. And that's a FACT ;D

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  1. This show is milked way too hard. I stopped watching years ago, but since you found something that millions enjoy, go ahead and gush like a tween girl. I'll still talk to you