Sunday, October 25, 2009

CARINA 360˚: 'Capitalism: A Love Story,' a must see!

Recently I saw the new movie by my future husband Michael Moore. (Hey don’t judge me, I have a thing for smart guys!)

Dubbed ‘The most feared filmmaker in America.’ Moore has made headlines again with his new movie, 'Capitalism: A Love Story.' And it's about, well, capitalism! In the brilliant documentary, Moore exposes the influence of “corporate dominance” on the lives of the American people.

As we should already know, our economy is corrupt, but in this movie, Moore tells you how and why we became like this. He answers why 14,000 people are losing their jobs everyday. Why the middle class is becoming smaller, and what a derivative is.

The movie was eye-opening, like any other Moore masterpiece. And Congratulations Stockton! We finally made our Moore debut! For a brief second, Stockton is mentioned thanks to all these darn foreclosures! Hey, turn that frown:( upside down :), at least we made it into a movie.

[Want to make a 'contribution to society?' Then play this game on the Moore website! It's so fun.]

I was so excited to go see it, but it was rated R. So I had to think of a genius plan to get my ticket.

I forced my two friends who were old enough to get them for me. (Smart right? I know, only I could think of it!) Not wanting to go alone, I made my friend, who was in no mood to even know what the word capitalism means, to accompany me.

The movie already 10 minutes in when we walked in. I expected a whole mess of people, but it was quite the opposite.

I'm going to guess and tell you there was about 10 people, all over 50 years old! It was total grandma-status!

(And don't say a lot of people didn't go because the movie sucks, a lot of people didn't go because Zombieland was playing at the same time!)

At times I felt like a complete dork, I laughed at all the jokes Michael Moore did, my friend just starred at me like I was a complete loser. I found myself laughing at things only the grandma sitting in front of me would get. I felt like a Golden Girl. (More Sophia, less Rose.)

So if you love truth, and a cute chubby guy with an adorable sense of humor, then I urge you to go see this movie! Moore thinks so to!

By the way, if you work for WalMart, you're in for a big surprise.


  1. haha nice blog. and first time i played the game in the link i beat it!

  2. Big laugh out loud and kudos to you Carina!
    I love this blog, it's HILLARIOUS (=

  3. i love this guy he is so realll