Monday, October 5, 2009

That Religious Guy: Quetal man uste?

..... Recently, I've developed a taste for everything Chavacano. I want to learn the language and speak it fluently!

..... For those of you who don't know, Chavacano is a Spanish Creole language spoken mainly in places like Zamboanga and Cavite City in the Philippines. To the Filipino ear, Chavacano sounds like Spanish, yet is spoken like the wavy Tagalog language. Here's an example of students speaking it: Click Me! and an example of a beautiful Chavacano song: Click Me too!

..... I love the way Chavacano sounds because it reminds me of the Spanish cultural roots of the Philippines. Even Tagalog, a dialect of Filipinos, consists of many Spanish words, although they are spelled and pronounced much differently. Some even mean different things.

Spanish / Tagalog / English

cuarto = kuwarto = room

cocina = kusina = kitchen

baño = banyo = bathroom

silla = silya = chair

la mesa = lamesa = table

..... I recommend the Mexicans should look at the common phrases in Chavacano too shown here. So I guess I need to find some Chavacano teachers haha. Know some? Oh, and true to my blogger name, here's the Lord's prayer in Chavacano:

Nuestro Tata talli na cielo,

bendito el de Usted nombre.

Manda vené con el de Usted reíno;

Hace el de Usted voluntad aqui na tierra,

igual como alli na cielo.
Dale con nosotros el pan para cada dia.

Perdona el de nuestro mana culpa,

como nosotros ta perdona con aquellosquien tiene culpa con nosotros.

No deja que nosotros hay caé na tentacionsino libra con nosotros de mal.

- Jeremy Dela Cruz, Chavacano Speakers Wanted


  1. Hola! Yo tambien quiero aprender como habla chavacano. Soy todo interesante con el lenguaje. Tambien, soy filipino, pero tengo muy poquito experiencia en hablando espanyol o chavacano. Y pero kahit malo-malo, o puro mali, basta bira lang, matututo rin!

  2. Jose Francisco (Pepe Panchito)November 3, 2009 at 11:45 PM

    Pag y-Cabezado mong justo ang tagalog, puede na ma-descubra ang mga palabra na similar o todo na espanyol ang base! Mas que na iba ang itchura! Que ganda nang lenguajeng eto!