Friday, October 16, 2009

RANDOMora: A Toy Story experience

Being young and restless was always my attitude from "Terrible Twos" to Kiddy Kindergarten. Thanks to my rowdy persona I can remember tons of things when I was still in diapers. I admit, my parents had a really hard time raising me; I wasn't allowed to go to the  supermarket let alone Preschool. But when thinking back at childhood mishaps, I see a little bright light taking me back to my first movie theater experience at the old theater that used to be on Hammer Lane where Panda Express and Subway now take hold of.

I remember standing in line over-excited and jumpy next to my tired parents awaiting to see "Toy Story." I was roughly 2 I'm guessing since the movie came out in '95. It was the only time I did not move or say rude comments that little girls shouldn't be saying. I became obsessed with that movie just watching Woody and Buzz Lightyear on their massive journey together. Though not so obsessed by the time I saw "Pocahontas" after coming home from this experience. That's another story another day.

Just two Saturdays ago, my family and I planned to go see the 3D double-feature of "Toy Story" and "Toy Story 2." I could not skip this for the world especially having it be my little brother's first movie theater experience. Just to be sure, my parents waited until he was mature enough. Which I think makes complete sense not just because of my hey-days but because who wants to go see a movie when your 8 months? The crying and the so sudden bathroom breaks; it's not a way to spend your weekend.

I can tell he was extra-excited by the way he marveled at the commercials. "I want to see that! Alisya, I want to see that!" He said as he hopped and pointed ant the TV screen. I was becoming excited for him. He was going to see his first movie at the theater, but even better.

When we got there I couldn't help myself from smiling when he walked out of the car and stood in line holding my hand while in the other he held his Woody and Buzz Lightyear dolls, ahem, action figures. His eyes grew wide looking at the entrance doors. What amazed me was he was very quiet and shy looking at the other kids in line around him.

On our way walking in to the long, dark hallway there was a kid behind us. "This is scary, I don't wanna go in," he said. I was afraid he might have influenced my brother to start turning back, but instead he said, "I like this place, it's so big huh Alisya?" My heart glowed, I was happy he finally got to enter something as simple, but exciting as the theater.

We walked in and got our seats towards the middle of the row and column. I made sure I asked for a booster for I didn't plan on him missing anything. He threw on his glasses immediately and sat patiently staring at the wide screen he's unfamiliar to. A woman next to me with her kids, noticed my brother chattering to the "Regal's First Look" the theater was displaying while people just arrived.

"Is that your brother?" She asked. I was so excited I blabbed out it was his first time going to the theaters. She then said, "Oh my, well I hope he can last sitting for 4 hours straight." "Way to go buzz kill," I thought. But what she didn't know was my brother wasn't like most kids, he knew what he was getting himself into.

Throughout the whole time I heard him laughing and and clapping it was too cute to not look at him. Only a few times we had to tell him to keep it down, but really most people around found it cute.

At the end of the day he was sleepier than ever. I carried him to the car and he fell right asleep. As soon as we got home he told everyone about his experience. Unfortunately I wasn't able to listen because I was sleepier than ever as well. Before bed, he managed to pop "Toy Story" in the VCR to watch once more for that extra sugar to your coffee I suppose; He just couldn't get enough.

For this coming up Halloween he's planning to be both Woody, Buzz Lightyear, and Batman for some random reason of course. This is thus our Toy Story Experience I won't ever, EVER plan to forget.

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  1. I like it! Your little brother is so cool. And you should have told that lady that he was your son, that would have been funny! ahah.