Thursday, October 22, 2009

H1N1..Problem solved?

We can all now jump up and cheer, the first ever swine flu(H1NI)vacination was officially launched! But wait, where is it? The answer, 1.3 million people in Scotland were first priority for access to the vaccine. According to BBC news,(LINK HERE) they will start sending out vaccinations everywhere pretty soon.

I for one, am very intrigued. I got my flu shot, and now am waiting to see if there is something I can get for actual swine flu prevention. If there is something that can do such a thing, I'll be first in line. I advise all of you to tag along with me and we'll make a party out of it! It can be prevented, and we can all help by WASHING OUR HANDS. (Yes, I'm talking to the girl who left the bathroom without doing so yesterday.) _kidding._



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