Friday, October 30, 2009

iMissyRae 2.0:"Cirque Du Freak" is not sold out, it's a sell-out.

"Cirque Du Freak" -- definitely not another "Twilight" that's for sure.

Although this book turned Hollywood production has followed the usual routine of other vampire-crazed novels by stepping off the bookshelf and onto the big-screen, I must protest that the plot and book in general deserve much more credit than the movie gives them. Unfortunately, my word means zilch since I have yet to see the movie, but it's on my list so don't hassle me now!

But according to
The New York Times movie review for this film, "Cirque Du Freak" is bound to be placed in comparison with other leave you hanging, fantasy films such as "The Golden Compass" and even "The Chronicles of Narnia" and most of us know that the books are absolutely better than the actual movies.

And as much as I want these books to receive their fifteen minutes of fame, is it worth squeezing three novels of entertainment into ninety minutes of confusion and crap?

I think not ladies and gentlemen. Why must Hollywood always turn a great book series into some mainstream, sell-out, television series? What happened to the actual experience of taking time to read a story page by page? Now we can scroll down a telephone screen to read a novel and flip one finger to continue on to the next page.

Not that technology is bad, but are we seriously to lazy to pick up a book and find out what really happens in the plot of the latest "
Twilight" film? Although I've watched most of the films with great interest, I always refer back to what didn't happen in the film instead of what did, no matter how impressive the special effects are.

I'm just tired of seeing wonderful book series' turn into wannabe, Hollywood remakes. After all, Cirque Du Freak the series is much more complex and entertaining then ten minutes of combatting vampires.

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