Monday, October 19, 2009

SURROGATES"What a waste"

It's Friday night around 7:30 and I'm ready to be entertained. I see the lines outside the theatre are long, yet the room I'm in is empty. The movie begins and I'm adapting to the course of the scenes, since no explanations were given to what's going on. The movie begins with the murder of an operator which apparently is very unlikely in the Utopian society setting. There are two sides, the humans, and the humans who rely on surrogates. These surrogates were made so that one can look anyway and do anything without the risk of dying. The war starts with the first violent crime in years. The actors including Bruce Willis do not create an obstacle for my taste, but the climax and confusion it causes does upset me. I'm left questioning what's happening. The only four audience members were probably in as much confusion as I. I finally understood why so many of the people outside were not in the room. Maybe they had already heard what a waste of time the movie was, maybe it was just the fact that it had been out more than a week now. The point being that there was little audience. I can understand how in this day and time with this economy no one wants to waste their time asking questions and not gettimg answers. Viewers like to have climax and they like to wonder who the killer is but in this movie I just wanted it to end. And so it was that the ending revealed all. Too much anticipation killed the desire to know. The movie is confusing at times and it's theme of humans being better than robots doesn't make it any better.

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