Friday, October 16, 2009

Worst Show Ever...

I was watching some new "iCarly" episode with my little sister, and when it was over, I checked the guide to see what was coming on next. It said that some game show "Brainsurge"was coming on. It was a new show I'd heard about, but hadn't seen.
I watched it with my mom, and we laughed so hard. We thought it was the cutest little kids show. But then, there were 3 brand new episodes of it in a row.
We soon realized that the writers of "Brainsurge" have no b rain of their own. The puzzles were exactly the same, except for instead of memorizing the number on the chili dog, it was now a hamburger.
My mom and I were not impressed. I immediately ran for the remote, and if you happen to see this show on, I advise you to do the same. :) 

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