Monday, October 5, 2009

That Religious Guy: Offline For Good!!

..... As of a few days ago, I, Jeremy Dela Cruz, am Myspace free.
..... Yes, I've been a recovering addict for months now, only logging in a few times, checking my messages, and updating my profile occasionally. My final step into full recovery took place after I forgot my password! haha
..... Sure, that's just a rookie mistake. After all, who forgets their password? Well I'll tell you who. Jeremy Dela Cruz that's for sure. I didn't mean to misplace my password, it just slipped my mind. In any case, these past few days without Myspace have been awesome.
...... Maybe it's just the withdrawal effects talking, but I'm pretty happy that I don't have to constantly check my status for comments or post bulletins about my top 5. I really thought that I'd feel terrible without the use of my Myspace, but instead, I have that indifference you get when somebody steals your Pokemon cards. Sure they're gone, but you don't care because you never play with them and you grew up. Maybe it's that. Maybe I just grew up and don't feel a need to tell the world about my favorite books or categorizing my list of friends who I may or may not have regular contact with anyways.
..... Could it be that I'm becoming more mature? After I told some friends that I lost my password, they were like, "Oh, so now you're getting a Facebook or a Twitter right?" And I promptly responded, "Of course not!" Why would I trade in one addiction for another? Why would I trade in my free time for a Saturday of chatting with friends online instead of actually hanging out with them like I do now?
..... In the end, I realize that these Web sites are just temporary. We won't always want to go to them for support and fun. That's what we have living, breathing friends for. They're really the ones you should go to for troubles, for entertainment, and for social interaction. Forget Myspace. Forget Facebook. And please, for the love of God, forget Twitter! But of course, these sites aren't really doing much harm. So don't get a full-blown lobotomy. Just lay of the social networking Sites for a while and see what it's like. You might like it.

- Jeremy Dela Cruz, That Myspace-free Guy


  1. Nice picture haha. But really now Jeremy, Mpsace isn't so bad. Unless your a hopeless addict like you were I guess. Try downelink!!!!! haha ;D

  2. I know. Myspace is ok. In moderation that is...

  3. Oh wow how about at least once a week it's not bad but the future! Like weed haha. Well any who you're over-exaggerating and it's a real buzz kill to future technology. Twitter however is stupid. Come on let's not go back in evolution to the stone age. Well, that's my argument and if Myspace isn't your fancy and your sticking with that hate, then downelink is for you haha ;D.