Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Taggin' up the place

They are not the artists that most people see painting a beautiful picture, instead they are tagging up the city in disguise.
Add the ski mask and the baggy clothes to your attire go out late at night with the spray can attached to your hands with full grip, you too will be a tagger and will get caught.
Those who tag the walls have created a horrible display for a crowd that ultimately boos for them. They have no sympathy for this type of art.
I can appreciate the fact that these anonymous law breakers are bored, but seriously if someone is that bored, my best advice would be to go buy a coloring book.
It is better to mark up a coloring book than mark up the walls of Stockton, better yet, it is better than getting locked up.
However, there is still something that is telling me that there are real artists out there who just do not have a place to show their talents.
Now, I am not talking about gang affiliated art, more like the tagging that shows importance.
Near the fairgrounds, I am sure many have seen, has a responsibility factor. It is of a man holding a baby in his arms, with the words “Be a man, be responsible.” Someone may have done that work of art out of respect for maybe a father, or even out of regret.
And what about the murals in Los Angeles, they show importance to the people, even to the culture. There are so many things that would make Stockton a more colorful place. But instead, we get to admire the beautiful names of local gangs.
I understand that some may be too afraid of letting some “taggers” as they are classified, paint things appropriate on the walls, but what do we have to lose? Nothing, I mean if Marijuana can go to debate about being legalized or not then letting artists paint the walls of Stockton should certainly be fine.
The more that these undefined taggers write their gang names on the walls the more problems the city will have with violence. Rivals cross out other rivals’ gang names and then a gang war has started.
If these taggers put their skills together masterpieces would be made. Instead of Stockton having a bad reputation due to gangs, violence, and crime, Stockton should be known for the marvelous work of art created to make a difference.

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  1. this is true.. i totally agree with you all the way.. good job :] you made a great point