Thursday, October 22, 2009

Life Will be Life and I Will be Me :]

I'm not exactly sure where I'm going with all this, I just feel like blogging. Honestly when I blog it helps me to get whatever is on my mind to just suddenly disappear. It's weird how people can think your this perfect person because your always smiling and you never have a frown. Gosh I hate it when people think like that, It's absurd and in some sense a bit wrong.

I kind of keep to myself because I don't really trust people like that, I don't even trust my own family in that matter. There have been people that have hurt me left and right and over and over. Like don't you guys have anything else better to do. Am I just the person that's here so you can hurt me. Well enough of that. To some people I'm just this wonderful girl with no doubts, no problems and apparently not a care in the world.

Well NEWS FLASH I'm not that perfect girl that you apparently think I am. We're all human and we ALL have our own LIFE struggles. Just because I wear a smile doesn't necessarily mean that I have no care and I'm happy. I'm not saying that I'm never happy because I'm actually a very happy girl, but don't think just because I'm always happy doesn't mean I have my own problems in life. We all have our problems in life. Its crazy don't you think?

What I'm saying is don't judge anyone just by how they act. They could always smile but that doesn't mean they're always happy or someone could always look mad but that doesn't mean they're not a great person to get to know :] .

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