Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Amato still at risk

It's been exactly a month since the investigation about Amato began. As a follow up...

According to recordnet.com, Amato most definitely is now at high risk for losing his job. Many say it has to do with the investigation of "Tony Amato's involvement with an organization that links textbook and curriculum publishers with school administrators."

I say that a lot of people are jumping to conclusions, and from the looks of it, I see that if he is part of some sort of "secret organization," it is only kept hushed because of that fact that students get squirmy when they hear of bigger and better learning strategies.

Perhaps Amato is simply trying to find new ways to insure the best education for students. I found it very odd that the first thing they thought was that he was trying to destroy the school system. He's the superintendent! Come on, get realistic here!

Why would somebody jeopardize a job that great? Absolutely illogical. A lot are saying that they are trying to stop him from making needed changes. Some, on the other hand say that these reforms can't come quick enough.

We need somebody to get us out of this national debt, and if it takes better education for the future, then why not let him push students harder. Us students are the future, and if that hasn't occured to parents and administrators yet, well..here's your wake-up call.

For more information on this topic, there are several articles on recordnet.com and you can also contact the reporter below, who is the writer for most of them.

Roger Phillips
(209) 546-8299

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  1. or..if you'd really like to understand the issues and concerns relative to Mr. Amato, perhaps you might try reading www.savesusd.com. It's not nearly as simple as you've explained it here.

    There is missing money, curriculum that was illegally purchased with federal dollars from a company he is affiliated with as a consultant, the abysmal AYP scores as a result of that curriculum, retaliatory behavior toward employees and the list goes on. Oh yeah, he is a liar as well. There are several well documented cases of his lying.

    I guess I'm not surprised Mr. Bott didn't explain this to you all.

    There are over 500 entries so you may want to visit several times.