Tuesday, September 8, 2009

RANDOMora: Schoolhouse of the White House?? Obama gives an opening school year speech

"I'm just a bill" is a song written by awesome rock stars, in an awesome CD educating awesome young minds about their government and what it takes to create laws for all Americans to abide by...awesomely that is. It's catchy lyrics, "Well, it's a long, long journey/To the capital city.../But I know I'll be a law someday/At least I hope and pray that I will,/But today I am still just a bill," and the unforgettable cartoon narrative of a curious lad are symphonies to a child's soul, but do they know exactly they are saying? Should they? Well then, what would be the point? Surely not to just sell CD's, although how many kids would really want a copy of the "Schoolhouse Rock! Rocks" in their iPods?

President Obama's speech this morning was nothing government related but just another song to added to the awesome play list. It questioned no health care plan or pointed a finger saying "I want YOU, dot, dot, dot," except to say "Here in America, you write your own destiny. You make your own future." But why the controversy? Well, it's not just the people who dislike President Obama, though I'd say would be majority, but countless Americas worried about what he planned to speak about because of his inevitable conflicts conferences on America's political stance. I say it was only fair people had a feeling in their gut as it's only natural to any president wanting to speak to America's children. Yes, it's a sign of mistrust, but it's tough trusting a government with a bad wrap. Like your grandpaps have said before (if any have), "Never trust the government." In other words don't take what you hear and see as merry as it appears, you never know what the government could be hiding...hence torturing.

The speech was rather blanch like you'd expect from an auditorium assembly where the principal goes over a power point describing the years goals. Not the meaning, it was good stuff, like in an assembly, don't play too many video games, take school seriously, "What can you do for your country" bit. Now that that's over, can we please rant over something more seriously life consuming? We break out in the slightest breath, worried our world is coming to an end. Though, caution we must take, let's not let terror rule our imaginations. There is another famous quote, "The only fear is fear itself." I swear I have used this phrase to close off many arguments before, but here, it suits best.

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