Wednesday, September 23, 2009


...In the last blog I wrote about how I felt that my life sucked because of everything I was going through and how I felt it couldn't get worse. That was the truth. I knew that no matter how bad I had it I had friends.
...The fact that I had friends made me strong and it made me feel like I mattered. I also realized that many people cared. I wasn't alone in this not for one second. Many of my friends worried when I first had the pain and stayed worried till this point.
...Sometimes one can feel alone but no matter what someone is behind you giving you the extra little push you need to get through any obstacle needed. I sometimes have felt that no one really cared and that I was just some other kid that no one bothered to get to know. Boy was I wrong.
...Through this experience I have learned that even though you feel unnoticed you are always getting noticed by someone then by someone else and so on. At some point everyone will notice you and sometimes for different things. You can get noticed because your quiet, your caring, your smart, your confident, your shy or just because of a smile. It doesn't matter in what way you are noticed you just are.
...I thought I wasn't noticed in many of my classes because I liked being in the corner I liked being quiet and I tried not to draw attention to myself but even that drew attention to me.
...What does this have to do with friends. It shows that the people who recognize you for who you are are true friends. They will be with you through thick and thin and always by your side.
...It has been through this experience that I realized that I had more friends then i thought I had and even more people who actually knew i existed. It goes to show that we as people are getting recognized through our attributes even when we don't notice it.
...It had been through this experience that I realize how many friends I have and how i wouldn't have been able to do it without them.


  1. Seriously Jera, you don't know how much we all care for you, girl we freakin' love you. But we are not the only ones here for you, you have been there with us through everything. I still remember when we would talk about the most randomn things in Stiener's class!

  2. Jera, I love you so much! I still have the bear thingy you gave me for my 3rd-4th birthday! lol. Well, don't ever ever feel alone. You'll always have me to talk to & everyone one staff. te amo<3