Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Clearly Claire: Because I Can

If you have ever been locked in a political debate with me, you know that I don't go down without a fight. I pull out all the punches, I use secret moves, and I make sure I get every fact just right in order to crush not only your argument, but your spirit to argue. I like to leave my opponent crying on the floor begging me to stop. Yet the way a man protested and showed his opposition to Obama's heath care plan shocked even me.

I thought I had seen it all. Hitler mustaches apparently weren't enough for the brutal crowd protesting Obama's supposedly socialist plan. Being compared to the worst man in the 20th century if not of all time is harsh but that is old news. Protesters already used that tactic with Bush and even though it was disturbing, I had already seen it. So what protest am I talking about. Well...

I am not talking about the senator who, in the middle of Obama's speech about his new heath care reform, shouted "You lie!" when Obama spoke that his new plan would not cover illegal aliens. This loud-mouthed, somewhat rude protest has been blasted throughout not only respectable news organizations, but was also shown on "The Daily Show" and "The Colbert Report".

No, that was not the thing that really bothered me this month. It would have bothered me extremely if it had not been for another event that took place at a rally held by Obama to explain his health care plan to the people. It seemed to be a regular town meeting with people shouting that Obama was going to kill their grandmothers but as it went on, it seemed to get a little more worrisome.

A man had decided to bring an AR-15 to this rally. That is an automatic weapon. What has our country come to when we, as citizens, are using guns as a type of intimidation to our president. The reason he brought the gun...because he can! That was his answer.

Whatever happened to signs and banner and shirts. I really am afraid if the only way to get attention towards your cause is to bring a loaded AR-15 to a rally full of people. How is this an okay way to act around not only a present but a group of people. If you want to hit below the belt...FINE! If you want to block an entire street...FINE! If you want to peacefully yell and cheer and disrupt the quiet...FINE! But I am not okay with bringing a loaded automatic weapon strapped to your back to a crowded area of people where a president is speaking.

Do we have no sense at all?

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