Friday, September 18, 2009

Amazing.. Maybe?

Okay, so I know everyone has a mom or dad or maybe both parents. Well I have both. My dad doesn't understand me whatsoever, but who's dad does? It's like he don't even care at times. Aside from all this we get along at times and we relate on many levels. I may have a closer relationship with my mom, but there are things I can talk to my dad about that I wouldn't be able to talk to my mom about. Like when my friend died like almost a month ago, I was able to talk to my dad about it and he understood me and how I was feeling and how I am still feeling.

One day we were coming back from church. it was probably a week after I found out about my friends death and I asked him, "Dad have you ever lost one of your friends when you were younger to any type of violence?" His response was, "Yeah, why babes?" "Because dad I lost my friend a week ago," "Was he the kid that got shot on airport out east by the pizza place?" I broke down in tears and said, "Yeah, that's him. Dad I miss him so much. I don't know what to feel anymore. He was somebody that I was close to, someone that made me smile when nobody else could, he was like a big brother," My dad patted me and said, "Don't cry, he is still here with you, not physically but emotionally. Just because you lost one friend, does'nt mean its the end of the world. I know exactly what your going through and how much it hurts, but you need to stop and think. Would he want you crying over him right now and being all sad over him?" I told my dad, "No he would want me to smile."

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