Tuesday, September 15, 2009

life sucks when.....

...we all have times when we think are life sucks or wish it were better. we all times when we think life cant get any worse and well i have been there.
...right before summer break my leg started to hurt and i thought i had pulled a muscle during one of my work outs or during a golf practice. i even went to the doctor to go get it checked. both the doctor and the x-rays stated nothing abnormal.
...my doctor thought i had pulled a muscle and with a week or two i would be all better. and this is when i thought my life sucked.
...i couldn't walk or practice golf. this summer was the summer i was going to train hard and make my way to first on the golf team. but i had no luck and things got worse.
...things got so bad i had to start taking pain medications and soon after i had to see a doctor again. this doctor said he would say my nerve along my spin was inflamed. so then we started heat packs which would only help for about 5 minutes.
...then my parents talked about going home weeks in advanced to see what was really wrong but i didn't want to ruin every ones summer so i told them i could hang in there. after one week it was decided that we were going home that this needed to be taken care of before school stared.
...the 21 hour car ride home was just painful. i couldn't put myself in any position to stop the pain and the pain medicine wasn't helping. i had officially hit rock bottom i thought to myself.
...when we got home we went to see our family doctor he was shocked to know it had gotten worse. especially seeing all the pain i was in. so he scheduled more test. but the tests should up clean. well i couldn't do the MR, i couldn't keep my leg straight for that but they thought it was clean.
...the next thing is a saw a doctor the next day but he only noticed something near my stomach but didn't know what it was. so finally my doctor set up an appointment at Stanford's children hospital. yes i am still a child:).
...they set up the same test my doctor had so that they could have them and they had to put me under anaesthetics to get the MRI done.
...the next day the results show i had cancer....now i know my life sucks when i have cancer.


  1. Yes, life CAN suck at times.
    But not only do you have cancer; you also have FRIENDS. And supporters. However painful one may be, your friends promise to be an antidote.
    We think about you all the time!

  2. Dearest Jera,

    I know sometimes life feels as if it can't get any worse, and trust me, it can. But always remember that there are people here for you at school.
    We may not be close, but I know what it feels like when the world seems to be turned against you. Though most of us haven't experienced what you're experiencing now, know that we're sitting right there with you on this rollercoaster ride.

    We care.. We're here.

    -Missy Rae

  3. Heyy :)
    well im not sure if you know me or not, but i'll gladly be here for you. My name is Chesiree (chez-er-a)...I know your going through a lot. I already look up to you, because you seem like a very strong person.Keep your head up high :) and keep staying strong.

  4. Hi Jera! It was pleasant seeing you the other day. I speak on behalf of the staff when I say that we all miss you. You are definitely in our thoughts! We cannot fully understand the pain that you feel, but all of us here are wishing for your recovery.

    ~Stay strong and Take Care! ;D~