Wednesday, September 9, 2009

CARINA 360°: Obama, the healthcare guru

Boy oh boy, Obama has been a busy bee this week. First he told all the youngsters in school to be good [see blog below!] But today, the topic was on health care.

From what I’ve heard, I’m telling everyone to relax! Play it cool now. Jump in front of a bus if you want, YOUR GOING TO HAVE THE BEST HEALTH CARE EVER! Because this time, the insurance company's will pay for your broken leg.

Taking effect in four years, and costing 900 billion over 10 years. Obama's plan (he coins it as his) makes it illegal for health insurance company's to deny you for a preexisting conditions. And makes it affordable to those without health insurance. I think it'll bring peace of mind to those drowning in medical bills. Medicare?, he's got that covered! He said he will protect it. He'll also make my future mammograms cheaper. How 'bout that.

Sounds to good to be true? Well, it sort of is.
Not everyone will be covered. Illegal immigrants are left out.


The plan will provide only to the people who are here legally, but not citizens. ¿Comprende?

Sad I think, I mean, they are hard workers, they are human. They don't risk their lives and leave their families behind for fun. The least we can do is make sure they are healthy. Am I right?

No wonder he was booed. coughJoeWilsoncough.

But regardless, he did good. He reached out to the republicans, independents, even his own party. He was, certainty, bipartisan, a hard goal reached tonight I think.


  1. haha who gets just a broken leg from jumping in front of a bus??? haha jk

    nice blog

  2. Ahah, I love your sarcasm in this. It's a shame that illegal immigrants can't get health care, because yes, they do work hard and deserve to stay healthy.

  3. I love this blog,I watched the whole speech and felt like he sounded like a principal telling kids to stop lolligagging. Joe Wilson was so rude, you could totally see Nancy Pelosi give him the stink eye after he called the president a liar.

  4. Really enjoyed your perspective on this!

  5. I know right? So we ALL cars MUST have car insurance NO MATTER WHAT because they're important.

    But not all must have healthcare?