Monday, September 28, 2009

RANDOMora: Should Obama be killed?!

According to ABC, over the weekend on Facebook there was a poll asking whether Obama should be assassinated. Secret Service has since removed the poll and are in search from which it came from.

On large social networks such as this, there are lots of things that go unseen even with the help of red blinking flags. But should the government take this seriously? Well, yes and no.

Yes, because it could be a serious and actual crime attack that should not be ignored.

No, because it could be some opinionated douche asking a "what if" scenario.

Sure "what if" can turn into "it can," but I think it was wise to take down the poll. Whether it was serious or just to pass time, sometimes you have to think common sense that the internet is home to ALL for ALL and nothing is taken too lightly when it comes to offense...the president's offense that is.


  1. Well that's a stupid poll! Just curious, what were the results?

  2. what i think it is very stupid where is the equality rights