Tuesday, September 29, 2009

CARINA 360°: Hugo Chávez - Socialist, Castro Enthusiast, and Baseball lover

Few days ago, President of Venezuela Hugo Chávez was interviewed by Larry King on Larry King Live.

Here in America, he's most known for his comment about President Bush. Saying he was "The Devil" and Bush made the room reek of sulfer. And he made even more shocking comments on Bush. Saying Bush ordered his assassination.

That's a huge statement to make. His proof?
“I saw those who wanted to kill me & the order came from the White House. It is no doubt in my mind.”

My mom calls him the devil! (She happens to have some very strong opinions on Mr. Chávez) She says he's a wannabe Fidel Castro.


But can you blame her? In a sense it's sort of true. I mean, he is friends with Cuban dictator, Fidel Castro. In fact he says the friendship they hold is, “profound, extremely close. He is like a father to me, a political father, I admire him enormously. He is one of the greatest men of the 20th century, of the 21st century.”

And the fact that Castro is a communist, “What's wrong about that?”
In the interview he just raved about how fantastic Castro is saying he is a ‘visionary.’

(My mom begs to differ.)

As we all know Chávez is a Socialist, and he says Capitalism is the root of all evil.

He’s friends with, as Larry King calls “America’s enemies.” Like Iran. But Chávez says he is a leader who wants to be friends with everyone.

Well, we are all on the same earth, might as well get to know each other right? I see his point there.

In Venezuela he says he drastically decreased poverty. And saying his country has a higher employment percentage than America.
He slams the accusations that he wants to build Nuclear Arms, and claims he was misquoted. He meant Nuclear ENERGY!

DUH! How can you get that wrong?

“Who launched the bomb on Nagasaki? ... we want to develop Nuclear Energy for medicine. One day we will run out of oil. We need to invest in technology.”

After all that political talk was done. King asked him some personal questions. Which were more fun to listen to. I prefer the more 'human' side of him, not the Castro loving political side.

His dreams were to be a baseball player or a singer. He loves poetry. He is faithful, loves JC!

This interview made me like him. Kind of. I think he successfully changed the way other Americans view him (except my mom).
He sure made himself sound like a good president.

Watch the entire interview here.


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