Monday, September 21, 2009

Stagg High's Mascot Just a Bit Fed up!

So, people have been giving me a bit of hard time being our school mascot. They say well "You're too pretty of a girl to be in a huge smelly suit." And I'm just so fed up with it. I mean come on why do they care? If i have fun doing what i do then why should it even matter to them. Do I tell them they're too smart to be doing drugs. dealing drugs, or skipping school. No i don't so this is what makes me angry at times when they ask these repetitive questions. At first I was able to ignore it like it was nothing, as if it was just another problem in the world that meant absolutely nothing to me.
Its really not much of a big deal to me anymore. Yeah I'm a bit fed up and angry with what they say, but they're entitled to their opinion just as well as I am and now every time they ask me that question I simply tell them, "You know what you are entitled to your opinion just as well as I am entitled to my opinion and I'm also entitled to my freedom of speech and I can say that your opinion means absolutely nothing to me!"
Well this brings me to a brief little statement I am a mascot and yes I do enjoy it. Yes it's hot, but I simply love it. I mean if I mess up the crowd is not going to be like oh my gosh she messed up, they're going to think it was a part of my routine.

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