Monday, September 21, 2009


For Valentine’s Day, I wanted some sweet-smelling flowers, and a funny card.
Lady GaGa wanted “a good f***”.

No, she didn’t grow up on the wrong side of town.
No, she isn’t a prostitute.
And no. She’s not completely stupid. Don’t let her outrageous wigs, pantless outfits, and sequined panties fool you.

In an unidentified interview on her sexuality, which happens to be her most popular interview, she says the only thing she looks for in a guy, is…

Big assets.

And yes, that’s it.

But Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta learned piano at four and wrote her first ballad at 13. She attended the Convent of The Sacred Heart Catholic School (the same school Nicky and Paris Hilton went to) and was one of the 20 students around the world at that time to gain early acceptance into an exclusive performing arts school. She later was accepted into NYU.

And you thought honor roll was a big deal.

With a track record like that, I have to give her kudos. I’m seventeen and I don’t think I have as much to show for it.

What bothers me about Lady GaGa is her “identity”, or lack thereof. I’ve heard her music, listened to her interviews, and seen videos of her perform. The grandmother in me almost died. What on earth was she thinking? She’s not a person, she’s a blow-up doll! Who said it was okay to run around declaring how much casual sex you want or have had?

She’s all about attention and she’s so eager to please.

But she prides herself in embracing pop culture. And it’s clear. Contagious pop songs, risqué outfits, and enough hair and make up to make Andy Dick look pretty – this girl knows how to get a crowd.

But I think I know her secret.

She IS pop culture.

She epitomizes everything we’ve come to. She’s the icon of our skin-deep culture, a mirror to all the sweet, glossy sins we feed off of.

She’s fascinating. You don’t believe her. But you can’t help but dance or at least sing along when she’s on the radio.

So I salute you, Lady GaGa. I see the strings you are held by, and I am fine with them. Your little puppet show has us to our seats, but we’re more attached to ours than you are to your puppeteers.

You may not separate pleasure from business, but you’ve turned it AND us into one.


  1. lady gaga is not feminin her style does not make sense but wierdly she's intresting

  2. i totally agree with you! she is ... different in light terms, but we made her be like that!not all of us like her but lots of people do

  3. I think you meant to say seventy right? cuz you say "seventeen" then that ur a grandma... whcih threw me off, but anyways.

    I like Lady Gaga's music when it's mroe natural, like when it's acoustic, on a piano or sounds more like rock n roll, but not when it's hip hop/techno sounding. I will admit that she is interesting though.

  4. no no no she meant that the Grandma inside of her was shocked at how Lady Ga Ga gets attention i.e. what she does to get it. You were correct on the 17 part madame.

  5. seky woman..lady gaga is a best singer than madonna

  6. i love lady gaga, her fashion is not "normal" but that obviously what she likes and she makes a statement in the fashion view. her music is amazing and i love it :)

  7. Honestly, i don't understand why she wears all those wigs, shes a beutiful women when she shows her natural self. However, she does dress like that because she is an ex-porn star. There are photos of her topless. (If you are under 18, or under 21 in some states do not, i repeat, do not look this up, it is illegal and i probally shouldnt post this) If you google image either Lady Gaga or Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta (her real name, which in my opinion is an amazing name, but yet again, an exotic name) you will eventually find some photos of her topless. But i agree with her music being good, because how many people really have that much talent. I feel she would get more public approval if she cleaned up some and didn't act like she was 16.

  8. I agree that she has become the milleniums new eye candy and what we women have become despite getting the power to vote and make significant contributions to this world, but she certainly isn't the only one who's interesting. Many other talented artists are just as interesting but through their craft, not porn-like dressing and imagery.

    This is just a lady who knows how to manipulate the media and her audience to her own ends and she knows it.

    But then again, I would like to know what is so interesting about her that Madonna hasn't done?

    Can you guys explain exactly those elements to me coz I sure as hell don't see it.

    So do enlighten me.