Wednesday, September 30, 2009

CARINA 360°: Rachel Zoe, my latest obsession

Back for it's second season, The Rachel Zoe Project has proven to be my guilty pleasure.

Rachel Zoe is thee stylist to the stars. From Liv Tyler, Lindsey Lohan, Nicole Richie, and my favorite, Anne Hathaway - which she dressed for the Academy Awards.

In the show are her trusty fashion associates: the adorable Brad Goreski. Who happens to be my favorite, how can you not love a man in a bow tie? And the hot, but ill tempered Taylor Jacobson. Her hunky husband Rodger Berman also takes place in the show, supporting Zoe every time something goes wrong.

Why am I so fascinated with this woman? Well, just look at her! She's to die for. Her hair, her clothes - she has incredible style! And her whimsy catchphrases. Whenever she sees something mind blowingly fabulous she'll always say: I DIE.

The show, however, is not just about ridiculously priced Armani gowns or Marc Jacob cameos. Serious things happen in the land of Zoe. Example, in an episode titled "Pin Thin" and Pissed Off," Zoe struggles to fight the rumors that she has an eating disorder due to her pin thin body. Girl can't help it! It's how she's built. I'm build with monster hips, Zoe’s born with a tiny frame.

Besides becoming a fashion icon, she is also a business woman in her own right. In the future she'll be launching a clothing line, handbags, fragrances, jewelry, etc... Which is rumored to be called "I Die." Funny I know. (
What's not funny is what her haters at nymag & p-hilton say. p-hilton is so mean! )

But forget about those a-holes! Go read her book. Yup, she's also an author. Style A to Zoe: The Art of Fashion, Beauty, & Everything Glamour. Now shocking as it may be, I don’t have this book. I can’t find it at Barnes and Noble! Grrrrrr! (If you like me, that's what I want for Christmas.)

I wish people would appreciate the work Rachel Zoe does for America. No exaggeration here, she makes people look good. Do you have any idea how many people walk around looking all shlumpy? Now if only she could help Lady GaGa


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  1. haha lady gaga does have a weird style that was a good example...


    nice blog though.